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IPM1007 Publication  IPM1007
Weed Identification and Herbicide Injury Guide for Corn and Soybean
IPM1031 Publication  IPM1031
Weed and Brush Control Guide for Forages, Pastures, and Noncropland
  Herbicide Classification Chart
Repeated use of herbicides with the same site of action can result in herbicide-resistant weed populations.
50737_3_TA_FactSheet_Waterhemp  Managing 2,4-D and Dicamba Technologies
50737_3_TA_FactSheet_Waterhemp  Waterhemp Management in Soybean
50737_FINAL_FactSheet_PalmerAmaranth_poster_v2  Palmer Amaranth: A New Threat
50737_FINAL_FactSheet_PalmerAmaranth  Palmer Amaranth Management in Soybean
50737_FINAL_FactSheet_Horseweed  Herbicide-Resistant Horseweed (Marestail) Management in No-Till Soybean
FactSheet_GiantRagweed  Herbicide-Resistant Giant Ragweed Management
FactSheet_ItalianRyegrass  Italian/Annual Ryegrass Management in Soybean
50737_FINAL_FactSheet_Lambsquarters  Common Lambsquarters Management in Soybean
FactSheet_Velvetleaf  Velvetleaf Management in Soybean
FactSheet_Morningglory  Morningglory Management in Soybean
FactSheet_Johnsongrass  Johnsongrass Management in Soybean
FactSheet_HophornbeamCopperleaf  Hophornbeam Copperleaf Management in Soybean
FactSheet_PricklySida  Prickly Sida Management in Soybean
FactSheet_Kochia  Kochia Management in Soybean
M171 Publication  M171
2013 Missouri Pest Management Guide
IPM1030 Publication  IPM1030
Management of Glyphosate-resistant Waterhemp in Corn and Soybean
IPM1024 Publication  IPM1024
Identifying Grass Seedlings
IPM1015 Publication  IPM1015
Thistles and Thistle-like Plants of Missouri
IPM1018 Publication  IPM1018
Weed Management Systems for Environmentally Sensitive Areas
IPM1023 Publication  IPM1023
Missouri Weed Seeds
G09478 Publication  G9478
Managing Ponds and Lakes for Aquaculture and Fisheries in Missouri Controlling Nuisance Aquatic Vegetation
G4852 Publication  G4852
Cleaning Field Sprayers to Avoid Crop Injury
G4880 Publication  G4880
Poison Ivy: Identification and Control
G4970 Publication  G4970
Plants Poisonous to Livestock
G4050 Publication  G4050
Troubleshooting Field Crop Problems
NCR614 Publication  NCR614
Early Spring Weeds of No-till Crop Production
GWC-9 Publication  GWC-9
Biology and Management of Horseweed
GWC-13 Publication  GWC-13
Biology and Management of Waterhemp
GWC-1 Publication  GWC-1
Facts About Glyphosate-Resistant Weeds
GWC-2 Publication  GWC-2
Understanding Glyphosate to Increase Performance
GWC-12 Publication  GWC-12
Biology and Management of Giant Ragweed
GWC-14 Publication  GWC-14
Biology and Management of Common Ragweed

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