MU Guide to Herbicide Injury Symptomology

Herbicide injury photographs and information related to herbicide injury on Missouri crops

Herbicides are often classified into families by their mode of action. On these pages you will find pictures of herbicide injury on the major agronomic crops of Missouri. These crops include corn, soybeans, grain sorghum, and alfalfa. Within each mode of action family, you will find a written description of symptomology.

If you do not know the mode of action or chemical family of the herbicide you are looking for, go to the Herbicide Injury Symptomology Index.

Mode of Action Families

These pages were originally developed in 1997 by Jayla Allen, former Weed Science Graduate Student and Dr. Bill Johnson, State Extension Weed Scientist at the University of Missouri. Lori Compass in the MU Agricultural Editors Office assisted with updating webpage design in 1998. New photos were added in January of 2000.